Black Cat And Tell-Tale Heart

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Krisi Batcheva Period 5- Mrs. Roll January 30, 2012 Compare and Contrast Essay Two Stories in One “The Black Cat” story and “The Tell-Tale Heart” story have kind of the same idea, but in a different way. They are two different scenarios with the same narrator, but his emotions aren’t the same through both stories. Both of his stories somewhat scare me, but at the same time I just want to continue reading them so I can find out more about what is going to happen. The point of this essay is to show you how the two stories compare but are also different from each other. There really is not a lot to compare about them just the fact that the narrator is killing people he loves that have not done anything to him. Its like is bothered by their presence, and has no clue what he is losing. The first story I read was “The Black Cat.” This story to me seemed a little odd, because not only did the narrator and his wife own a lot of pets, they owned pets that live in the zoo, or in places other than houses. One of his favorite animals was a black cat named Pluto. Pluto was always around him and he only cared about the black cat. Days kept passing and the narrator began to change drastically. He began to consume alcohol a lot and everything that was in his way or even in his presence he would hurt. He would come home at night extremely drunk and one night, Pluto was trying to ignore him because he didn’t like the way he was. The narrator got really mad and took out a knife and cut out one of Pluto’s eyes. One morning the narrator woke up and took the black cat by the neck and hung him on a tree limb. The next day the house burnt down which I think is karma telling the narrator to watch out because something might happen soon. The narrator was out one night drinking with his buddies when he saw another black cat, but this black cat had a strip of white going across

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