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Black Boy Essay Throughout the autobiography Black Boy by Richard Wright, Richard goes through a number struggles attacking his life. From his early childhood, all the way up through his adult years, Richard was a mischievous boy, always getting into trouble. Through his journeys he stored up mountains of internal bitterness against life. He displayed this bottled up “bile” of resentfulness and grudge to people around him through his actions, which became more openly malicious as he got older. The people around him seemed distant from him, as if he internally lived life all alone,not having the ability to trust anyone. In the first scene of the story Richard accidentally set his own house on fire. This alone would immediately give a hint to the reader that he is a person with a very impish and stubborn nature. He didn’t obey his parents after they told him to stay inside and be quiet, as explained by this quote: "The faint cool kiss of sensuality when dew came onto my cheeks and shins as I ran down the wet green garden paths in the early morning." (Wright p.9)He was playing with matches while his parents were napping in another room, during a warm summer’s afternoon. His little brother threatened to tell his parents about his acts, but Richard didn’t care. Moments later he set curtain drapes ablaze, eventually spreading though the whole house. Another example of his naughtiness was later on in his life when he strayed into a local pub. While inside, he listened to the foul language of the people in there, eventually developing a sailor’s mouth for himself (which also got him into trouble). Adults began to pressure him to do a few shots, and say a few foul words along with other dares. Richard accepted these dares and in a moment’s time became drunk, stumbling through the saloon; he was only seven. From this experience he becomes a full blown

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