Black Athena Debate Essay

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1. What is the Black Athena Debate about? The Black Athena Debate was started when the book Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization was first published. The book supports the thesis that the ancient Greeks were given their culture mostly by ancient Egyptians and Phoenicians. There have been several well respected scholars to weigh in on the issue, however the two major players in the debate were Martin Bernal who authored Black Athena, and Mary Lefkowitz who authored a rebuttal titled Black Athena Revisited. 2. How can the Black Athena Debate be resolved? Unless there is some type of indisputable evidence found in the future, I don’t know how the debate will truly be resolved. There will always be parties on both sides of the argument that believe they are right. Both sides have evidence to support their theories and discredit the others’. In the absence of some type of concrete proof, the debate will continue on for the foreseeable future. 3. There is an old saying that the winners write the history books. Is this saying relevant to this debate? There is no question that old adage applies to this debate. Europeans have been conquerors throughout history. It is without question that all history written by Europeans will be at least a little biased and skewed. I honestly believe that even if historians attempted to tell the unfiltered truth, the powers that be would have the final say so in the editing process. 4. What is the significance of this debate to our class and our understanding of history as a malleable narrative? The Black Athena Debate in relation to our class is a perfect example of how the same history can be interpreted in different ways. People will use whatever facts or evidence that may be known to further their own argument or cause while at the same time discrediting someone else’s, all while everyone

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