Black Americans In The 21st Century

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In the United States public leadership roles range from community organizer, leader, state representative, city council, mayor governor, senator, congress and of course, the highest seat of official leadership, president. While the descriptive roles of the said titles will remain in place, I ponder how the forthcoming leaders in generation Y {born 1982-2000} {AKA millennial generation} will address today’s looming concerns that will be tomorrow’s issues. I recently read a powerful quote that did not have the author’s name at the end. Despite the question of authorship, the quote was a stark reminder of the current rolling coin of change taking place in America. It read: “Changing world political realities, population demographics, the environment…show more content…
The organization also observes: Americans rank 12th among developed countries in college graduation (down from 1 for decades); Americans come in 79th in elementary- school enrollment; American infrastructure is ranked 23rd in the world, behind every other major advanced economy (Fareed). Princeton University’s Sociology department released a report: The Economic and Educational State of Black Americans in the 21st Century: Should We be Optimistic or Concerned? That reported: a family with an annual income of $83,000 earned more than 60% of white families and over 80% of clack families (). Therefore, if white Americans are being out-competed academically by countries such as Germany, South Korea and China, which, according to Time Magazine, are making large investments in education, science, technology and infrastructure. African Americans are lagging even further behind academically and…show more content…
While government and state public leadership roles remain constant, the millennial generation will be the apparatus in governance. The Y generation, currently information, possesses the first quality necessary for the domestic and global change the U.S. is evolving into for worls competition: inclusiveness- a tolerance for shared power despite race and a broader awareness of international

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