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CHAPTER 1 INDUSTRIAL BACKGROUND 1.0 Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR) Malaysia Malaysian Public Works Department (PWD) or Jabatan Kerja Raya Malaysia (JKR) is the federal government department in Malaysia under Malaysian Ministry of Works (MOW) which is responsible for construction and maintenance of public infrastructure in Malaysia. The JKR's Electrical Branch is responsible for installing, maintaining and wiring electrical components such as the installation of street lights and traffic lights on roads, and doing other electrical wiring for government buildings. JKR Hulu Perak is lead by a District Engineer named Ir. Roslan bin Mohd Salleh. He is assisted with three engineers which are the Road Engineer, Building Engineer and Maintenance Engineer. Besides that, JKR Hulu Perak is also assisted by four Assistant Engineers from different departments. JKR Hulu Perak currently has 129 officers and staffs from Professional Management and Support Team which is consist of state and federal employees. JKR Hulu Perak includes three sub-districts of Gerik, Lenggong and Pengkalan Hulu with an area of approximately 85128.79 hectares. Overall road length that is maintained by JKR Hulu Perak is about 355.219 kilometers, consist of state and federal road. 1.2 JKR’S OBJECTIVES JKR Perak aims to provide infrastructures and public utilities specifically on road, water supply, building airport, port and base in order to meet the needs of National Development and always focuses on long-time as soon as possible, economical cost, and the best appearance and quality. JKR Perak is ready to serve project that fulfill the Quality, Time and Cost as was prescribed. 1.3 JKR’S MISSION AND VISSION JKR’s mission is to contribute to the national development by: i. Helping our clients realize the basic information and delivering services through collaboration as a

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