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Bizarre foods with Andrew Zimmerman : Mexico If it looks good eat it. and it all looks good to me are the words that Andrew Zimmerman uses to describe his opinion on food in this episode Andrew Zimmerman is traveling through mexico “ a land of contrastes” Trip starts in Huatulco then goes into mexico city the adventure starts in a small restaurant by the name of El Grillo Marinero. Where the fishermans wife is know to be the best seafood chef in the area while Andrew is at El Grillo Marinero he is served with a Cocktail de Pulpo, which is normally made with a simple garlic and salt preparation. Although in this cased is also made with tomatoes and onions. Along with the Cocktail De Pulpo Andrew is also served an octopus stewed in its own ink, he describes it as briny and really intense whereas the ink somewhat acts like lemon and is acidic. The next town on andrews adventure is the state of Oaxaca which is known for his coffee crop, forestry industry and tourism. journey though the city of Oaxaca starts in a place the goes by “the market of supplies”. Here the guide is shopping for ingredients to make a dish called cliuta which is a grilled tortilla which is made by blending up beans, chiles, and avocado. This is topped with beans, lime, cheese, various salsas, salt infused grasshoppers and gusanitos, which means small worms. The tortilla is put on a comal so it can become crispy the once it is a layer of bacon fat is spread on the tortilla then the bean paste, and after the toppings are added along with the the salt infused grasshoppers. Andrew explains how the grasshoppers along with the cabbage, cheese, and salsas along with the difference in heat from the guacamole really comes together to make a beautiful taste. Finally the last stop is the great Mexico city, a huge city with new culinary experiences around every corner in Mexico City after visiting

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