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Bizzare Deep Sea Creatures Essay

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  • on January 8, 2012
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Bizzare Deep Sea Creatures (Outline)
Specific Purpose – To inform the audience about bizarre deep sea creatures that exist in the world.

  * Intro.

  I. Scientists and explorers call the deep sea, “The last frontier”. Rightly so, as oceans represent ¾ of the planet, and we have explored and discovered a lot about our world. However, the depths of the oceans remain unknown entities for us, and we continue to learn everyday more and more about its bizarre, mysterious, magnificent, and extremely creepy inhabitants.
  II. Some of the most incredible and mind boggling creatures are found deep into the abyss, and following are some of the most bizarre.

  * Body

  I. The Viperfish

AKA – Sloan’s viperfish, Sloan’s fangtooth
Location – Worldwide
Size – Around 12 inches
Depth range – upto 4400 metres

  A. One of the fiercest, most unusual deep sea predators. Also is one of the most well known.
  B. Possesses such large fang-like teeth that it cannot close its mouth. Instead they curve backwards through the fish’s mouth, very close to its eyes.
  C. Kills its victims by impaling them on its fangs, by swimming into them at high speeds.
  D. Uses a light organ as a lure to attract other fish towards it. The viperfish uses a process called ‘Bioluminescence’ to attract its prey.
  E. Its teeth also aid it in grabbing and holding onto prey that it finds while hunting in the pitch darkness of the depths of the ocean.
  F. The viperfish possesses a hinged skull and extremely large stomach, enabling it to rotate its head vertically to consume larger prey, in addition to the ability to consume large amounts of food when it is plentiful in supply.
  G. It is known to migrate vertically. Usually located in deeper waters during the daytime, whereas at night it is known to swim up to around 2000 feet.

  II. Hagfish

AKA – The Slime Eel
Size – Upto 32 inches
Location – World wide
Depth range – up to 1250 metres...

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