Bitter-Sweet Victory Essay

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The crowd roared as the engines revved slicing the tension filled air. Jay’s ears strained to hear the sound of the gun, his heart racing as he placed his trembling foot on the accelerator. He was already sweating profusely, his fingers gripping the steering wheel so tight his knuckles were white. As the gunshot’s sound reverberated against the sides of the stadium the cars shot forward. Jay surveyed his opponents with rapid glances from the side of his eye. All their race cars were well behind him, as they should be! Jay enjoyed the rush of adrenalin racing gave him and he mused, as his car pushed ahead, why he doubted himself at the beginning of any race. He was the best, it was simply a fact, it was as true as saying the sun was hot or pride comes before a fall. If only Jay had remembered the latter fact, his vain glory blinded him as his car flew off the track and smashed into the side of the stadium. Jay felt as if his nose had smashed into his face as his entire body convulsed as his car was pressed against the wall. There were a couple of sickening cracks and then pure silence except for the engines of the other cars, whose drivers had faces as white as sheet. Jay had been my rival, and also my best friend. I could almost feel my own bones breaking apart in tune with his. I was more shocked when the paramedics told me he could never race again, than when they told me he was dead. It was the first time I had ever won anything from Jay, but also my last. That is what made my victory bitter-sweet. “You have to race again, Avan,” My sister, Lara, told me, “it is what you were born to do, isn’t it?” Many people told me the same thing over the years and I pitied them for their mild understanding of what I was going through. They have the audacity to question my actions, but they could not even find the empathy in them to realize that it was not the sport I

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