Bison Sun Spirit

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Creation of the World Around Us By: Enrique Cruz The world is a great orb hanging between the hands of the Sun Spirit. Through her magic, she is able to keep the Earth afloat with ease and give light. Alongside her is the Bison Spirit. He is the one that ensures that everything is well kept and that everyone and everything gets exactly what they need (i.e. food, clothing, shelter, etc.). We are all very thankful for these two, to ensure for our well-being, but all of this would not be possible if it was not for the Bison Spirit first. When all was void, a gleam from the Bison Spirit was seen at a distance. He looked all around and realized that the Earth was just a great big ball of nothing; void and all around him was nothing. The Bison…show more content…
However, it came to pass that both the male and female were lonely and wanted more than just the spirits to worship, so Sun Spirit made all of the animals that we see today, both big and small, ground and air. This really did please the humans. Sun Spirit then commanded the male and female to name the animals however it pleased them. Now all the animals wanted something more too, then just the spirits and humans, so Sun Spirit made all the foliage we see to this day, big and small, low and high. This very well pleased the animals. It came to pass the humans and animals have multiplied, but the humans, after they killed the animals, just left the carcasses of the animals to rot. After Bison Spirit heard enough of the cries of the dead animals’ spirits, he went over and gathered all the humans and gave them one specific rule, “If you decide to kill an animal for now on, you must use the entire body: the meat, the skin, everything, or you shall be punished, because I’m tired of hearing the cries from the spirits of the animals.” This rule became so, that whosoever killed an animal and did not use it all, shall be punished. After telling the entire human race the rule, Bison Spirit disbanded the whole population and spread them out across the Earth, so that it will not get crowded in one area. Creation is now complete and there is no more that needs to be added to the Earth, to make it

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