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Bismarck Unification Franco-Prussian War and its origins >Germany was not yet fully unified. The South remained outside the fold and here is where France and Napoleon III came into the picture. Napoleon was vulnerable. He was forced to modify the traditional Richelieuan policy toward Germany because of his nationalities doctrine. But Napoleon's policy was still somewhat equivocal on German unification, as if he could not decide which was more important his belief in national self-determination or to keep France stronger than the new Germany would be. Bismarck helped him to decide when he outmaneuvered Napoleon on the Luxembourg and Belgian issue. These disappointments plus the failure of the Mexican venture made Napoleon determined to have some kind of diplomatic triumph. French policy on the whole was jittery and erratic, reflecting Napoleon's uncertain position at home. French public opinion was not very militant. Ollivier and Gramont, the chief political leaders, preferred peace, but certain "statesmen" in France made mistakes. There were premature threats of war, there were impudent demands made on the Germans (particularly on July 12, 1870) and there was serious misinterpretation of French public opinion. Nevertheless, he who thinks war is necessary is responsible for it and Bismarck thought it was necessary to bring the South of Germany into the union. >the Luxembourg affair/issue was basically a high crisis situation in which France’s Napoleon applied pressure. Luxembourg is a country between Belgium, Germany and France. Bismarck wanted it because it gave them a geographical strongpoint in Europe. Both countries wanting Luxembourg as a sign in developments to their own respective countries for nationalism. >WIKI-Assuming that Bismarck would honor his part of the agreement, the French government offered William III of the Netherlands 5,000,000

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