Biscuit Essay

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Seabiscuit Essay Red Pollard and Seabiscuit both overcame extreme adversity to achieve success. Seabiscuit's fans compared him to a hero in one of the books of Horatio Alger. A number of celebrated Americans emerged from a humble background and/or overcame significant hurdles to achieve success -- including, to name just a few, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, Andrew Carnegie, Helen Keller, Jim Thorpe, Lou Gehrig, Franklin Roosevelt, Wilma Rudolph, and Christopher Reeve. Why is this image of a person succeeding through individual effort and often against great odds so appealing to Americans? Consider the history of our nation as you respond. Select one American, living or dead, who in your view fits this description. In your essay explain what you admire about him or her. Be sure to discuss the adversity this person faced and conquered. Be sure to provide ample background information on the person you choose. Also, include yourself or someone you know. Discuss obstacles that you or this other individual has faced and how you overcame them. What significant obstacles were faced? How did you or this person overcome the obstacles? What enabled you or the individual to conquer the problem? This personal experience should be sufficiently challenging enough to represent a true hurdle in life, not just something minor that happened. Discuss Pollard and Seabiscuit. Their stories are incredible, from their humble beginnings, to the circumstances of their meeting, and to their awesome comeback from devastating circumstances. Finally, summarize your essay by discussing the lessons that can be learned from all of the lives about which you wrote. What do these stories tell us about the human spirit? What can we learn that will help us as we go through life? Sample Outline I. Introduction – Hook the reader with a quote, an interesting fact, or a
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