Bis219 Week-1 Essay

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Information System and Software Applications John Doe When talking about information technology one quickly thinks about motherboards, high-speed processors and other high tech stuff. It rarely comes to mind the common office clerk that sits at his/her desk every day and enter data on spreadsheets and other types of documents and reports. This will be a wakeup call for most in an informative and instructive way. We will look at 3 specific organizational departments within an enterprise. These will be the accounting, marketing and human resources departments. These are some of the most common departments we will find on almost any company. We will talk about each one individually and provide a brief overview of software application or programs that are used in the day to day operations of these departments. First we will take a look at the accounting department. This is a department that accounts for all the income and expenses of the company. It has the task to make sure all the bills are paid (utilities, service contract, employee wages, etc.) and make sure all the income received is properly identified and categorized. In other words this is the heart that pumps the money through the corporation. Accounting systems or software are applications that processes and stores information related to the distribution and allocations of funds within the company. There a lot of accounting software available in the market. Two of the most popular are Quick Books and Peachtree. These programs take care of a immense amount of date and information. They can store, process, analyze and compare information as far as accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, inventory, payroll, purchase orders and time tracking. On the other hand, the marketing department is one of the things the accounting department has to take into

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