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Preventing Security Breaches Bis/221 Preventing Security Breach On September 2, 2014 Home Depot, the largest home improvement store in the world had received information that their systems had been breached by hackers. The hack occurred from April-September of 2014, leaving almost 56 million credit card accounts and 53 million email accounts at risk for information theft. The hack was made possible through a custom built malware that was able to unnoticeably bypass any signs of detection. Cause of Breach While a custom built malware was the known cause in the hack, the malware was sent through the self-checkout registers. Since the self-checkout registers are not monitored nearly as much as the regular check out registers it made it easier to get into the system undetected. As of now all registers suspected of being compromised with the hack has since been taken out of service, blocking any reentry into the companies data base. Prevention Home Depot has since advanced the way they store payment information. Through a new encryption system when payment information is stored the system will take that information and scramble it making it illegible and absolutely unusable to hackers. All of its United States stores have already upgraded to this system, and its expecting for have its Canadian stores running on this same system by early 2015. Conclusion Although there is no evidence that pin numbers for the payment cards were taken, or that any payment card information used on was at risk, Home Depot is still offering free identity protection services for those who shopped at their stores from April into September. References

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