Bis/220 Information Technology Research Paper

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Information Technology Acts Tanja Baca BIS/220 April 15, 2013 Chiedozie Ugorji Information Technology Acts Advances in information technologies have proven to be a blessing and curse for many. With every advance in these technologies, more people are finding out the price of having easy access to information. Privacy and theft of digitalized products is the biggest issue for most. To help combat these growing issues, United States lawmakers have passed several laws prohibiting the use of these technologies maliciously. Take for example the invention of the auto dialer. This technology helped create the Telephone Communication Act of 1991, and Do Not Call Implementation Act of 2003. To begin, we will start with what the auto dialer…show more content…
According to Dave Roos with How Stuff Works, an auto dialer “can detect whether a live person answers the phone and then hand the call over to a human operator. The computer can also be programmed to play a recorded message, leave a message on an answering machine, or provide a menu of options to the person who answers”(Roos, 2008). Roos goes on to explain that the technology is often used in businesses and organizations to remind or alert others of events or appointments that could be important to the individuals they are calling. The issue that came with this technology is that telemarketers were able to use this program to solicit their products and services at a much larger scale than ever before. According to Talking Technologies Inc website, their auto dialer is able to make 60 to 80 calls per hour, per phone line with every 40 second long message (, 2007). With this capability, telemarketers began to abuse their systems causing uproar with consumers because of the amount of calls they would receive from telemarketers in a day. That is when lawmakers stepped in to help stop the abuse of these companies that went overbroad with their excessive phone
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