Birth Trauma Failure Research Paper

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The Anniversary of Birth Trauma Failure to Rescue: A Review Retta Jo Bender, RN La Salle University The Anniversary of Birth Trauma Failure to Rescue: A Review Beck s’ (2006) research study addresses the clinical problem that she identifies as serious ramifications for women with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of perceived birth trauma. Ayers & Pickering's work reports the prevalence of PTSD secondary to child birth as 1.5% and Reedy, Shocker, & Horsfall's work reports the prevalence as 5.6% (as cited in Beck, 2006). Traumatic births are reported by 34% of women according to Soet, Brack, & 55 % according to Dilorio and Ryding, Wijma, & Wijma (as cited in Beck, 2006). According to Beck (2006) “The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Disorders (DSM-IV; APA, 2000), states that the anniversary of a traumatic event is identified as one possible trigger for intense…show more content…
The American Psychiatric Association states that persons with PTSD may exhibit symptoms of avoidance of stimuli or triggers related to the original trauma (as cited in Beck, 2006). Friedman's work (as cited in Beck, 2006) and Ehlers, Hackman, & Michael's work (as cited in Beck, 2006) confirmed that triggering events that resemble an aspect of the traumatic event can result in distress, heighten arousal or both. Beck (2006) acknowledges that there have been limited studies published on Birth Trauma and PTSD as a result of this trauma. According to Beck (2006) “only three qualitative studies were found in which traumatic births or PTSD secondary to birth trauma were examined” (p.382). Of these three studies two were by Beck herself. Beck's (2004a) work “examined the meaning of women's birth trauma experiences” and Beck's (2004b) work “examined PTSD due to traumatic births” (as cited in Beck
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