Birth To Old Age Case History

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yy Joseph Chamberlain College Parveen Noor A case history, on a woman to describe how her health requirements vary throughput the life cycle. Health Studies Task 3 - Case History `This is a case history about a woman (Chloe). She is white and from a middle class family and this case history describes how her health requirements vary throughout her life stages. The health requirements will cover her physical, social, emotional and mental health. There are seven stages throughout a life cycle which are: Birth Infancy (0-3) Childhood (3-12) Adolescence (12-17) Early adulthood (18-40) Late adulthood (40-65) Old age (65+) Stage 1 (Birth) After birth Chloe will have several checks and examinations in the first few hours of her life. The first is the Apgar, which the midwife will do at one minute, then again at five minutes, after birth. The midwife can do this test just by watching your baby's colour, breathing, behaviour, activity and posture. This will tell her whether the baby has any immediate problems that need medical support. Most babies are fine, or may just need to be watched for a while. If the baby does need some help, the midwife may just have to give him some oxygen or clear out his airways to help her breathe. Shortly afterwards, the midwife will weigh Chloe and measure the circumference of her head. These measurements will later be entered into the developmental charts in his Personal Child Health Record, or "Red Book", which the health visitor will give to the mother when the baby is about 10 days old. This will let her mother track her progress as she grows. The midwife will carry out a heel prick blood test on Chloe before she is one week old. In this test, a tiny amount of blood is taken from her heel and tested for: an enzyme deficiency (phenylketonuria) a thyroid deficiency sickle cell disorders cystic

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