Birth Order and Personality

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Birth Order and Personality There are many myths in today’s world about what contributes to the different types of personalities. This has always been a topic that has brought about a lot of attention, because by nature people are always curious to know what is involved in character development; this contributes to the popularity of horoscopes. However, there are other parts to discovering why someone developed a specific type of personality; for example, birth order. Much research has been done on birth order and its effect on personality. The end verdict is that whether you are a first-born, middle-born, last-born or only child can cause a person to develop significant personality traits that may last until adulthood. In order to test if the research done on this subject is truthful, I analyzed my own family. My parents only have two children, my brother and I. My brother is two years older than me and we have completely opposite personalities. According to a research done by Frank Sulloway, where he used the Big Five personality dimensions to analyze first-borns, he declares that first-borns are more achievement oriented, antagonistic, anxious, assertive, conforming, extraverted, fearful, identified with parents, jealous, neurotic, organized, planful, responsible, self-confident, and traditional. After reading these characteristics, there were only some of them that I thought were identifiable with my brother’s personality. My brother is anxious, conforming, identified with my parents, and he is also very traditional. Growing up I remember he used to always try to tell me what to do and what not to do. He tried to boss me around, and we used to get into big fights. Sulloway, in his book “Born to Rebel”, states that “Firstborns often serve as surrogate parents and tend to be more closely identified with their parents. As a consequence, firstborns are inclined
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