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Birth Order 1. Rosalyn Hardison PSY 255 Grand Canyon University February 3, 2013 Birth Order 2. Adler was the first psychologist to emphasize birth order in shaping personality. Adler believed that the first born may be a problem child, for example, a criminal, neurotic, or drunkard. Adler believed that middle children are more positive, and strive for superiority. Adler believed that the last born gets the most attention, and may be indecisive. Actual birth order (ABO) is the number in which a sibling is born into a family. Actual birth order may not influence a child’s character, however the situation in which the child is born and that child’s interpretation of his/her environment; for example, if the oldest child is brilliant and outgoing then the second child may display similar characteristics. This is referred to as psychological birth order (PBO). A child’s feeling may not be important, for example, a child’s feeling of not being wanted, but what is important is the child’s interpretation of what is happening in their environment. Psychological birth order represents the perceived role that the sibling occupies in the family. Engaging in roles develops the child’s fulfillment in their basic needs and belonging in the family, work, and community. Adler put emphasis on the child’s interpretation of his/her perceived position in the family. The psychological position of the person is the most important factor in the child’s personality development. Researchers have found significant relationships between lifestyles and psychological birth order. Lifestyle characteristics and each child’s birth order position may create different behaviors, strategies, and thought patterns in the family unit. Synopsis of characteristics: First born- Usually receive more attention, and may be more of a leader and may prefer order and

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