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Birth Order Essay

  • Submitted by: Colo4
  • on April 24, 2012
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Human Effectiveness Research Paper
Crystal Leavitt
Olympic College

Human Relations
Dr. Bonnie L. Adams
February 15, 2010

Birth Order and the Effect in the Work Place
Believe it or not, there is something that influences your personality even before you take your first breath. This is your birth order. Research shows that a person's birth order has a direct link with his or her personality. In this paper I’ll be giving informing on how your birth order has shaped you into who you are today, how it influences your education and career goals, and how to successfully deal with each specific birth order type.
The first type is the first born children; they have the most attention directed at him or her. And part of that is the reason they turn out the way they do. There are two types of first born children, compliant and aggressive. Some the traits for the children that have the compliant personality like my brother are; they are people pleasers and they crave the approval of others, nurturers, caregivers, reliable, conscientious, cooperative, team players, “grin and bear it’ mentality. Then there is the aggressive personality and traits; movers and shakers, natural leaders, perfectionists, driven, conventional, always have things under control, assertive. Want things their way. These two types of first born children may seem very different, but they do share quite a few characteristics; energetic, logical, ambitious, enterprising, scholarly.
First born children often choose careers that require a high degree of precision such as: law, medicine, computer programming, or architecture, no gray area in work field, in control, and are often the boss or owner of company. They do not like to be told what to do; they have a hard time with creative projects, do not work well without direction, and do not gravitate towards jobs such as: sales, advertising, art, or music, as there is no structure, or stability in these careers. First born children have traits that...

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