Birth of Venus Essay

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Art Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli is among the famous paintings in the world. He painted it during reconnaissance period between 1480- 1485. It draws its theme from Ovid’s Metamorphoses, which was important to Latin literature. Traditionally, after the birth of Venus, she would ride on a seashell to the Island of Cythera. According to the traditional account, after Venus was born, she rode on a seashell and sea foam to the island of Cythera. Sandro depicts Venus as standing on a seashell. On the left, he shows blowing winds, which caress the hair of the goddess. She tries to hide her naked body with a hand. On the right side, is aura that waits to dress her. Consequently, it has connection with other ancient works. This piece of art makes happy. The colors used in the background are great. Moreover, the author used thrilling images. I can only relate it to a drawing I made when I was young. The drawing encompasses my family. In the drawing, we as a family we are sharing food and laughing. To me, the drawing shows love and affection as a family. Families should love one another during both hard and good times. They should share and support each other in difficult times. Similarly, the painting by Sandro shows the beauty of love (Corsini & Firenze, 2008). The goddess has come out naked and someone tries to cover her body. Any time I come across Birth of Venus I remember my family and the bond we have. It urges me to love them by showing the kindness Venus received on the shores. Love is important to humanity because it makes them learn to help one another when in difficult situations. References Corsini, D., & Firenze Musei. (2008). The birth of Venus. Firenze:

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