Birth Of A Repunlic Essay

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Amber Foster HI 211 Jan Zimmerman Birth of the Republic Equality “Men … are by nature free, equal, and independent of each other. In a ‘state of nature’ each man began with the possession only of his own body” ( Morgan, p 73). Throughout the book The Birth of the Republic by Edmund Morgan, there is a strong concept of equality and how the Americans became aware of it. They believed that they deserved to be treated as the British men were treated. It took the Americans awhile to finally banded together and demand the equality they deserved. “American did not aspire to independence but simply to equality of rights with the mother country” (Morgan, p 73). America did not want to be freed from England but merely treated as equals. What started the American movement towards independence was the taxation by the British in 1764. The Americans did not believe that they should be taxed for such things such as sugar and paper without some sort of consent. Although the Americans did not want to be taxed by the British, they still want to hold to their past. “As they prepare to cast off the authority of Parliament, Americans were genuinely eager to keep their grip on the past” ( Morgan, p 66). The Americans would not be able to hold on to their past be “they were in fact on the verge of a discovery that would turn the course of history in a new direction” (Morgan, p 66). John Locke was one of the men that saw the government change and become new. Locke believed that the men should prosper from their own land and do their own work on it; thus, it began allowing the men to be dependent only on themselves. Which the struggle the constitutional limitations being fought over, something began to happen. “Americans were talking more and more about the state of nature, the origin of the

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