Birth Control Essay

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Kelli Cason English 009 Professor Herman 11-18-2014 Persuasive Essay Final Draft Birth Control for Teenage Girls Why is birth control important for teenage girls? I believe every teenage girl should be on birth control. Regardless if they are having sex or not, birth control is very important. It helps prevent unwanted pregnancies and with medical issues. Birth control is very important for teenage girls whether they are sexually active or not. If they aren’t having sex, at least they will be prepared for when they actually decide to have sex. It helps them become more responsible and safe. Teenagers are starting to have sex at younger ages now. Parents know they can’t stop their teens from having sex but being on birth control can decrease their teens’ chances of becoming pregnant. However, some teens believe that when their parents put them on birth control, it’s a signal that they are saying it is okay to have sex. Birth control helps prevent unwanted pregnancies for teenage girls. Being pregnant at a young age can be very stressful. It can change their lives forever. However, birth control isn’t always 100% effective against pregnancy. Condoms should be worn to help against unwanted pregnancy. Not only pregnancy, but they help prevent sexually transmitted diseases. About one million teens each year get pregnant and 78% are not planned. The pill is made of hormones, estrogen and progestin. It works by keeping eggs from leaving the ovaries and makes cervical mucus thicker. It is very effective if taken every day at the same time. Less than one out of 100 women will get pregnant each year if they always take the pill as directed. About nine out of 100 will get pregnant if they don’t take the pill as directed. The shot is an injection of a hormone that prevents against pregnancy. It releases a hormone called progestin into the body. It works the

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