Birth Control Essay

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Logic Birth control is best way to keep from being pregnant when you are not ready. Every year there many children put in foster care. Also, there are many young women who become pregnant and do not know how to deal with it. While abstinence is the only way one can be 100 percent certain they will not get pregnant, the many forms of birth control greaten your chances. In 2011 over 400,000 children ended up in foster care. Many of these children were put into the system because their mother and or father could not take care of them. It has been proven that foster children are more likely to “encounter problems such as unemployment, homelessness, and incarceration, as well as to experience early pregnancy” ( than other children. If someone is to give birth because they don’t believe in birth control them they are contributing to the problem o more and more children ending up homeless. Even if parents decide to keep a child, life can be extremely difficult. Every year around 820,000 teenage girls get pregnant.( It has also been proven that about 25% of young girls who get pregnant in their teenage years get pregnant again within the next two years. ( Most teens and younger couples are not finically or emotionally stable enough to raise a child. Thankfully, starting in 2006 pregnancy rates have dropped for teens. From 1995 to 2000 ages 15 to 17, three fourths of thee teens have not been getting pregnant due to better use of contraceptives and other forms of birth control.(WebMD) For teens 18 to 19 the drop was almost entirely from birth control. (WebMD) This strongly suggests that birth control has a huge affect on whether someone becomes pregnant. It is very clear that the best way one can keep from being pregnant is to not have sex. While this argument is valid it is unlikely that teens, and many

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