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In the event of an unplanned pregnancy more and more parents are turning to adoption for their child. Many of these parents choose closed adoption thinking that in the end, it is better for them and the infant. Open adoption is better for everyone involved both physically and mentally. When choosing adoption the expecting parent should choose to be fully involved in the adoption. The adoption process is a long and stressful process. The amount of stress during the adoption process tends to reduce when it is a voluntary open adoption (About). Everyone involved has their own way of dealing with this process. Beginning in 1974, research demonstrates that the amount of confidentiality, obscurity, and sealed records of an adoption have a direct effect psychologically in all who are involved with the adoptive process (Open). A birth mother choosing adoption for her baby is a selfless act that could very well be the hardest decision that she would have to make in her life. Many birth mothers often fear their child will not be treated by the adoptive couple the same as they would treat their biological children. By choosing an open adoption the mother is able to take control of the situation and be sure that her baby will be loved by the family as her child was their own flesh and blood. She would be able to get to know families and see how they are before permanently placing her child in their care. Once they are placed the mother can continue to be involved with her child and the family that she chose for them. This enables her to be a part of her child’s life seeing the love and care that they are receiving, reassuring that she made the right choice. Maintaining a healthy ongoing, open relationship allows the birth parent/parents to move forth another step in the healing process of giving up her child. In a testimonial featured on,

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