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Birth-1 Double Births and Single Births Anastasia Allen English Composition101 Professor Bernadette Anayah June 6, 2011 Birth -2 Finding out that you are pregnant is a very scary feeling to go through. But finding out that it is twins is even scarier. Some people find out they are pregnant as early as 6weeks but, sometimes you don’t find until you are about 4 or 5 months pregnant. The moment that you find out you are pregnant your life changes tremendously. Some people go to their first doctors’ appointment as soon as 9weeks or even sooner. Some people go later because they don’t know that they are pregnant. When you are pregnant with twins sometimes you have to go to see a specialist. You don’t have to see a specialist when you are pregnant with one baby unless the doctor sees something wrong with the baby. With twins you go see a specialist at least twice a month to make sure there is nothing wrong with them. When pregnant with twins it’s very hard to work while you are pregnant because you get bigger faster than you would if you were having one baby. Some people don’t work when they are pregnant at all while others work up until they go into labor. When I was pregnant with my twins I didn’t work until 6 months after they were born. With my last pregnancy I was able to work for about 3 months into the pregnancy and then I didn’t go back to work until about 7 months after the birth of my baby. At about four months I was going to the doctor twice a month. I did that for about two months. So when I was about six months I started going to the doctor once a week and sometimes twice a week on the days that I had to go see the specialist. That lasted up until I was about eight months, then I started going to the doctor twice a week. That was on Tuesday and Thursday.

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