Birmingham Jail Narrative Report

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May 3rd 1961, Today mark the day where we start our journey for racial equality and quest for justice. This is the mark for the biggest moment of my life. I am here with 12 other individuals both men and women white and black who share the same views. We are all here standing tall and is inspired by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference formed by Martin Luther King. It was just a year ago when The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) in Greensboro, N.C. was led by highly educated students coordinated peaceful student protests against segregation throughout the South. It is just 0600 in the morning and we have left Washington, D.C. on our way to New Orleans. I am sitting here with an associate of mind name Stanley Thompson; he is also criminal justice major at Howard University. We have just finish discussing how we plan to make an impact on our adventure through the south. One thing we can agree on is that we will be at great risks as we travel…show more content…
As the member gather you can already feel the tension of the group becoming outrage from current events. With the concerns on whether to attack back with violence became an alternative, it was a young man who stood up to emphasize on the efforts of the nonviolent techniques of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., which was the means for representing the Congress of Racial Equality. The meeting went smoothly and everyone is ready to complete our overall mission. May 14th 1961, We have just got word that the second bus has just gotten raided by a mob of Jim Crow followers outside Anniston Alabama who totally disregarded the Kennedy Administration. The moment of truth has finally got to us, but we continue on our journey. It was until several hours later when we met up with the resistance of over 1,000 angry Klan members whom beat us and burned our buses to give end to our quest to New Orleans.
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