Birmingham Jail Essay

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The quote by Martin Luther King “…freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed” is saying that a ruler will not willing give freedoms to those he is oppressing, unless a large enough disturbance is caused throughout his victims. I find this quote compelling because it not only was true during the time Martin Luther and his companions were facing, but still have meaning today. Martin Luther King uses two main topics that stood out to me in his explanation of the oppressors, over the oppressed; the fact that the people who are not being victimized do not notice anything else around them, making them voiceless, and concern free for the torment surrounding their neighbor, and secondly, the fact that problems of the people are ignored unless enough people complain to a serious extent, or threaten the oppressors superiority. If a person is beset with their oppressor’s demands and over bearing rules, the principles of their censorship will know no limit, unless the victim voices his or her issues regarding the circumstances at hand. Oppressors do not want to relinquish their ‘prisoners’ because without them, it would be more difficult to accomplish things they striving for. Egyptian pharaoh, for example; the pharaoh would keep slaves to do his arduous labor, instead of himself. If he had not kept his salves to do this work, none of the pyramids’ we gaze at today or the famous sphinx statues. Proverbs 14:28 says “A large population is a kings glory, but without subjects a prince is ruined.” This quote perfectly shows how a ruler cannot treat his subjects so harshly to the point that they resent him, because without subjects to faithfully serve him, he as a ruler would be nothing. If a ruler is oppressing half of his subjects, the other half is soon to see the injustice taking place. It takes one voice in the crowd to

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