Bipolar Informative Speech Outline

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Kaytlin Szczepaniak Topic: Bipolar disorder in children Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about juvenile bipolar disorder Central Idea: Childhood bipolar is a real diagnosis and is misdiagnosed often. I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: Do you know a child with a mental disorder? B. Announce Topic: Today I am going to spend a few min… C. Preview Speech: in particular, I will discuss what childhood bipolar disorder is, how common it is, and what it is miss diagnosed as. TRANSITION – let’s start by investigating what child bipolar disorder is and its symptoms. II. Body A. Main Point 1- what is child bipolar/what are the symptoms. i. Supporting…show more content…
Main Point 3- Misdiagnosis i. Supporting Point 1: meets other criteria ii. Supporting Point 2 disorders names iii. Supporting Point 3: bad to misdiagnose TRANSITION- In closing I would like to tell you my story… III. Conclusion A. Link to Intro: B. Summarize: I’ve told you what childhood bipolar is, how common it is and what is ia often misdiagnosed as. C. Memorable Close: list couple of famous people who are now adults who have bipolar disorder Actors & Actresses Jim Carey Robert Downey Jr. Patty Duke Ben Stiller, actor, director, writer Robin Williams Artists Ludwig Von Beethoven Tim Burton, artist, director Vincent Van Gogh, painter Miscellaneous Buzz Aldrin, astronaut Musicians DMX Earl Simmons, rapper and actor Jimi Hendrix Axl Rose Sting, Gordon Sumner, musician, composer Political Winston Churchill Theodore Roosevelt, President of the United States Scholars John Strugnell, biblical

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