Bipolar Disorders Essay

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Bipolar Disorder a Mystery Mental Health Problem and The cause and effects on Bipolar Disorders Alfreda Mazyck Limestone College Abstract One percent of people will develop bipolar disorder. Miklowitz stated that being able to put your illness in an informational context helps you to prevent or at least minimize the damage associated with future recurrences of the disorder, and set appropriate goals for your immediate and long-term future. The purpose of this research paper is to enlighten families and friends about bipolar disorders. The paper will describe what are bipolar disorders, cause, symptoms, types, diagnosis, and treatments. Through this research paper we will give the definition and examples on bipolar disorders. Bipolar Disorder a Mystery Mental Health Problem and The cause and effects on Bipolar Disorders A bipolar disorder is a topic that many people have many opinions. Many people are bias when it comes to bipolar disorders, and many people don’t understand this disorder. People should have a balanced view on bipolar disorders and know the correct information about this mental disease. In this discussion we will determine the following questions: 1. What are bipolar disorders? 2. What are the causes of bipolar disorders? 3. What are the symptoms of bipolar disorders? 4. What are the different types of bipolar disorders? 5. What are the diagnosis and treatments for bipolar disorders? Once these questions are addressed, we should understand what bipolar disorders are. What are Bipolar Disorders? Bipolar disorders are a scary mental disease. The disease is scary because our friends and family misunderstand this disease. Everyone thinks that the disease is an emotional or psychological problem and your friends and family think you can overcome this condition by will power. Zieman stated: Bipolar disorder

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