Bipolar Disorder: Biological Influences

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Bipolar Disorder University of Phoenix Psy 103 September 7, 2009 Bipolar Disorder How would a person know if they had bipolar disorder? Would they just assume that their extreme feelings were normal? Most people would indeed assume that their extreme happiness was normal. However, those people might begin to suspect a problem after they have lain in bed for days not wanting to do anything. These extreme feelings define bipolar disorder. The person is extremely happy or sad with no middle area. Even doctors have a difficult time diagnosing this disorder. The doctor must consider hereditary factors, biological influences, states of consciousness, and the person’s personality. All these factors play a part in the diagnoses and treatment…show more content…
People with bipolar disorder have a genetic predisposition to this disease. This is because neurotransmitters, norepinephrine and serotonin play a part in mood disorders. The structure of the brain can influence a person with bipolar disorder. Research shows people with bipolar disorder have a smaller hippocampus and amygdale. This might be possible because of an excess stress hormone cortisol [ (Sparknotes, 2009) ]. While experts have not been able to pin point the exact cause of this disorder they believe biological factors are the primary reason. States of…show more content…
Reduced sleep can add manic and hypomania episodes. Studies have found that 25% to 65% of bipolar patients who had a manic episode have experienced social rhythm disruption prior to the episode [ (AstraZeneca, 2009) ]. Social rhythm disruption can throw off a person’s sleeping cycle. This can be as simple as staying up late working, watching television or even being nervous about something and not being able to sleep. Once a person lacking sleep has gone into mania they start believing that they do not need sleep and will stay awake for more than 20 hours, this makes the disorder worse [ (AstraZeneca, 2009) ]. Using psychoactive drugs for any type of mental disorder relies on the symptoms to be relieved by the prescription. In the case of bipolar disorder, these drugs are recommended as a primary method of treatment (AstraZeneca, 2009). Although not a permanent cure, the person will receive enough relief to help them operate throughout the day. In these cases, the medication provides temporary relief but the patient is asked to seek further help, such as a counselor, to find a more permanent fix (Bipolar Disorder, 2009). Some scientific evidence proves that hypnosis and meditation, along with affirmation, raise energy in a person with changing DNA. Affirmations along with meditation or hypnosis will raise consciousness, increase well-being, and balance chemistry in

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