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Carrie from Homeland It is well known that the main character in Homeland, Carrie, suffers from Bipolar Disorder. In the show it is not a secret that Carrie is bipolar for the fact that she has been admitted to mental hospitals multiple times. She has also been on and off her medication causing her to have mood swings. She does show real signs of the disorder with having manic episodes. Also there are times where she becomes very depressed. It is a television show so of course her symptoms are a little off because it is TV but for the most part they are correct. Carrie is an agent for the C.I.A so her job is very stressful and full of drama. She experiences many manic episodes. This is where the show is wrong. Manic episodes usually make a person extremely happy and feel good. In Carrie’s case she gets extremely stressed out to the point where she looses herself. It is a manic episode with her not being depressed because she has multiple ideas and is extremely hyperactive. There are points in the show when she is off her medication that it is like a circus. She has so many thoughts running through her mind she can’t control it. She also has a huge desire for action. It is almost like she cannot sit still. In one episode it is almost like she is going crazy. She is trying to figure out who bombed the C.I.A and she goes into a crazy state. She is going from one subject to another freaking out. It almost seems like she is on drugs but in fact it is the complete opposite. She stopped taking her medication so she had her version of a manic episode. When she has an episode her emotions are uncontrollable. In no way is Carrie elated at all. Even though Carrie’s manic episodes make her gloomy there is a distinct difference between her manic episodes and her depression state. When she is experiencing her depression states it is like everything is in slow motion.

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