Biotechnology and the Science and Religion Discussion Essay

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Biotechnology and the Science and Religion Discussion Genetics and its Implications for Human Self-Understanding The rise of biotechnology has saved countless lives and changed the application of science, as we know it. However, biotechnology has also contributed to the ongoing debate between science and religion. It has caused theologians and religious institutions to question whether or not the human race is capable of handling what they have created or if the power of biotechnology will exceed the wisdom and morality of its creators. One extremely useful application of biotechnology occurs in the fast-paced field of human genetics. The power of biotechnology powered the Human Genome Project and made it possible to sequence the entire human genome. Thus confirming the theory that all human beings have descended from one ancestral population and are therefore one race or species. While the achievements of the Human Genome Project answered many questions they have also forced scientists and theologians ask many additional questions. One such question asks that if human traits such as cognitive abilities have their foundations solely in genes, and if a trait such as intelligence is rooted in genes than is it possible that traits such as how spiritual one is, or one’s openness to God could also be entrenched in a person’s genome rather than in the soul or the mind. Which then raises the question of whether or not human beings are truly free or are simply the imprisoned products of the independent assortment and the independent segregation of genes. This is a bold and intriguing statement, but one to save for a later day, as there is little to no evidence to currently support it being that the science is currently present in a very early stage. According to Cole-Turner, for now, it is safe to say that people become who they are as a result of genes but also

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