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Renewable world Given the size of our planet and its wealth of resources, it is easy to forget that those resources are finite. As earth’s human population continues to grow, the questions of how to effectively limit and recycle waste, avoid environmental contamination, and make the most of water and fuel reserves become all the more pressing. Biotechnology is simply defined as the development of products by using a biological process. Production may be carried out by using intact organisms of bacteria, fungi and other microbes, or by using natural substances created by the organisms, such as enzymes. The use of new biotechnology for cleaning up major environmental concerns may be in its infancy, but practical applications are underway (Keener). Many problems associated with water, air, and soil contaminants can be fixed with new biotechnology. Modern biotechnology is currently being used in soils for growing better crops, in waste water for eliminating odors and meeting regulatory requirements, in toxic waste clean up and many other areas. Waste remediation biotechnology depends upon the fact that all living creatures must take in nutrients and release waste. Different organisms need different forms of food and produce different types of waste. For instance, some bacteria thrive on the chemical byproducts we consider toxic garbage. Bioremediation experts may encourage helpful bacteria to feed by adding certain nutrients, or by adding more bacteria at the site (Pedigo). The latter is called bioaugmentation; waste cleanup crews “augment” the environment with specifically engineered microorganisms that can break down the waste at hand. Once these handy bacteria eat through the waste compounds in the soil or water, they die off and return to normal local population levels. Microorganisms have the ability to break down chemicals and can be used in

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