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The biotechnology that I have chosen is Amniocentesis. Amniocentesis is a procedure that is performed on a pregnant woman as an early detection system when attempting to determine if there are any irregularities with the pregnancy. Through use of this application, doctors are able to detect more than 30 various genetic diseases (Biotechnology, 2011). In the amniocentesis process, amniotic fluid in which are around the fetus will be collected with a hypodermic needle. The needle will be inserted through mother’s navel. The collected fetal cells will then be tested through the use of test-tubes. This is a form of biotechnology because it uses the various cells found in the amniotic fluids in order to determine possible outcomes or diseases that may infect an unborn child while still in the womb (Biotechnology, 2011). The amniocentesis process has many benefits. The cells are tested for various irregularities, such as Down syndrome and spina bifida. The reason that many want this test performed is to determine if their unborn child has any chromosomal abnormalities. Another benefit is the information gained will determine if the unborn child is male or female. The amniocentesis process also has risk associated with it. One of the biggest risks of the procedure is the increased chance of miscarriage. Other risks include infection or injury in both the mother and unborn child and preterm labor. These risks present themselves, but the potential is rare. References Biotechnology (2011). Amniocentesis Retrieved November 25, 2012 from:

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