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Smartphones and the Great Digital Divide Blake Blackmon Grantham University The great digital divide is the gap between those who readily have access to the internet and those who do not. What end you are on is simply determined by the technology in your household and or in your pocket. The technology one has in their pocket or home is also determined by what the individual can afford. Ready access to the internet is a very beneficial way to get information when you need it and entertainment during boredom. The use of a smartphone for entertainment by African Americans and Latinos is summed up understood to be a characteristic that comes with their culture. Less of these racial groups have gone to college or some form of higher education than Caucasian and non-Latinos, so they know much less or do not have much interest in all of the other apps that are created to assist them in bettering themselves as people and their finances. There are many apps and tools that allow one to monitor the stock market, achieve spiritual growth, learn new languages, and keep up with current events that they are simply oblivious to. If those that went to college or any institute of higher learning would teach or gain the attention of those around them that maybe did not have the same opportunities, they could close the gap of the great digital divide. There is not much that one cannot do on a smartphone that they can do on a desktop or laptop. The only real difference is the full-size keyboard. Most companies are adopting technologies that alter their webpages to comfortably fit the screen of a smartphone so if someone never really wanted to use a laptop or desktop, they do not have to. If a smartphone has fewer internet capabilities, you can definitely, still necessarily, link an increase in smartphone ownership within a U.S. based economically disadvantaged group of people

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