Bios256 Week 2 Lab Exercise Essay

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BIOS256 Week 2 LAB EXERCISE Introduction to Chemical Digestion Directions: a. Click the Contents button. b. Open the Digestive System File. c. Click Animations. d. Click Introduction to Chemical Digestion. Introduction 1. Explain the function of chemical digestion. It breaks down food as it moves through the digestive tract, using enzymes and other digestive chemicals, the process reduces food particles into nutrient molecules that can be absorbed. Digestive Chemicals 2. What is the general function of digestive enzymes? Digestive enzymes are what is mostly used in chemical digestion. Other important digestive chemicals are needed to maintain a proper environment for enzymatic reactions, as well as other functions. 3. Identify other chemicals needed for digestion. a. water c. gastric acid b. bile d. bicarbonate 4. Hydrolysis is the breakdown of larger molecules to form smaller molecules. Water molecules are used in this process. a. Define substrate. A substrate is what most enzymes are identified by that are being broken down. It is a larger nutrient molecule. b. Define products. Products are what substrates become broken down as. They are smaller nutrient molecules. 5. Analyze the reaction shown. a. Identify the enzyme. Is what the water comes in contact with while breaking down into substrates. It is the tooth-like figure. b. Identify the substrate. The substate is the left, green, ball that water breaks down in the enzyme c. Identify the products. The products are the right, blue, ball that the substrate breaks down into. 6. As you have just seen, water molecules are important to hydrolytic reactions critical to digestion. Describe other critical water uses. Liquefaction and Transport: Water helps liquefy

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