Bios 242 Week 3 Part 1

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Name: Group B Lab I Growth Media and Patterns of Growth Introduction: The case study I was presented with was a 4 year old girl who was brought into the emergency room with severe, watery diarrhea, lethargy, nosebleeds, and fever of 101F. Her vitals were stable, and blood and stool samples were taken. Her urine samples contained blood, and her bloodwork revealed an acidic pH with abnormally low levels of platelets and erythrocytes. I conducted a bacterial growth test along with an OF Glucose Test with and without Oil. The purpose of these tests were to determine how the bacterium reacted to glucose with and without oxygen. My findings reported a gram stain negative along with positive tests for glucose oxidation and fermentation. Next I performed an Indole Production Test. This test determines whether the microbe produces indole from the amino acid tryptophan. The results from this test were negative. The last test I performed was a Malonate Utilization Test. The purpose is to see if the microbe can use the compound malonate as its sole source of carbon and energy for growth. The lab results indicated a positive reaction. Procedure: Conduct Bacterial Growth Test: 1. Click the New Unknown button. A window will open asking you to enter a label and select a subgroup. 2. Type GrowthLab1 in the “Enter a Label” line. 3. From the Subgroup dropdown menu, select Growth. 4. Click Auto-inoculation allowed and then click OK. 5. Record details of your case study scenario. 6. The Gram Stain window will open. Record results of Gram stain. 7. Include the results in your Lab Report. Conduct "OF Glucose Test": 1. Open the Biochemical Tests Reference Book. (You can find this resource in two way; you can click on the T? button or select the Reference Books from the Help dropdown menu.) 2. Open the OF Glucose Test. Review the steps of the test and determination of test

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