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interoffice memorandum to: | William qualls, Ceo-biopure corp | from: | auditya devalla, business strategist-biopure corp | subject: | launch strategy for biopure products | date: | September 15, 2014 | | | This memorandum is aimed to highlight and provide suggestions and timelines to release Oxyglobin in the veterinary market as soon as possible. Situation Analysis: There is a fierce debate if Oxyglobin should be launched right now or 2 years later as it might endanger the higher market capturing capable Hemopure and also the intended price of Oxyglobin at $200 would not allow Biopure to launch Hemopure at $600-$800 in the market. Recommendation: I believe this is not of any major concern for Biopure and there are numerous advantages of entering the market with Oxyglobin as soon as possible to enjoy the first in the market advantage and help brand Biopure as “The Blood Substitution Company” and help in the success of Hemopure which would be launched in two years.As they have no prior experience of market behaviour,this will help understand how market reacts and functions and set a stage for the bigger event ie.launch of Hemopure.Focus on logistics and end-to-end Supply Chain Management would put them at par with their competitors who have an impeccable distribution network.To not mix both markets,Biopure should launch Oxyglobin through a separate entity for Veterinary needs in market.Oxyglobin should be launched from a fully owned subsidiary of Biopure catering to veterinary needs so that it remains a separate entity to save price comparisons with Hemopure for human needs and strengthen product differentiation.After investing $200 M,this would be a good opportunity to create a profit and create a path to get sufficient income to get an IPO which could be used for Hemopure.This profit could in turn be used to buy additional equipment to boost Hemopure

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