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Project Management Assignment 2 1. Project Information Document title: Project Terms of Reference Project title: Biometric Car Security System Client name: Mercedes Benz Vendor name: AZAR ™ Tech. Document date: 28 June 2007 2. Project Introduction AZAR ™ Tech. goes back all the way to 1999. Our first product ever created was the Electrical buzzer. That was in the year 2000. 2 years later, we came up with a Microchip door locking security system to prevent house break-ins. Our products have specialized in security for homes. However, break-ins still continued to rise, making our product useless. We then decided we had to come up with something more advanced and futuristic. In 2004, we came up with the thumb print door system, allowing civilians to be spared from break-ins. In 2006, after 2 successful years of home security, we decided to venture out into biometric security, leaving behind our old ways of security and blasting into the new concept of futuristic security. Alas, inventing biometric security system for cars. The reason that our product was not effective was because we were still new in the security industry and also because we did not have the proper finances for the best technology around to help us come up with an effective system. Other than that, not every company succeeds with a brand new product because it needs time to develop it to perfection. Another key factor which let us to this creation was do to the fact that recently, A lot of people have not been able to enjoy the luxury of posh cars due to car theft. Car theft has been around for many years and the numbers have not dropped since. Of the total theft offences in Singapore, motor vehicle thefts constituted 9.7%. In addition, these people do not dare buy expensive cars nowadays because they are afraid to be victims of car thefts therefore, focusing more

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