Biometrics Essay

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Much debate surrounds the use of biometrics. Many people like it because biometrics can provide identification and increase security. Other people see it as a tremendous invasion of your privacy. Just as you read in this chapter, a bank – by using biometric identification – may be able to tell if a woman is pregnant. So, the greatest challenge to overcome is not technological but rather societal. What do you think needs to happen for society to accept the use of biometrics? How long do you think it will be Tbefore society accepts the use of biometrics? In what year do you believe the U.S. federal government will begin requiring a biometric of every new-born child? Discussion 9 Julia Miller The first thing I automatically think of is a movie called the Island. The Island is set in the future where technology is so advanced that a single skin particle or an eyelash can determine your presence while you are still in a building-not to mention after you have left. In the Island the security standards are high and beyond anything we most likely have even in the most secure settings today after all it is set in the future. In the movie everything from body scans, retinal scans, fingerprints, and voice recognition are used. I personally feel that the technology is very neat and when more and more technology emerges in the biometric arena, if I can afford it I am on board. For instance we recently purchased gun safes for our home that are fingerprint opened. We have a two year old in the home and the security to protect her is a must while the fast access to our home protection is just as important as well. We are able to have the safes in arms length from the front door or our bed without the worry of her getting into something she shouldn’t. This also protects us in the event someone breaks into our home and we are not aware so that they are

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