Biometrics Essay

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The simple summary of biometrics is the use of technology to identify the identity of a source by using certain characteristics of the subject. Biometrics is divided up into two main categories. These categories are physiological characteristics and behavioral characteristics. Physiological are related to the body of the subject and how a certain part of the body is shaped and detailed. Behavioral characteristics are those that are not physical, such as actions or how a person performs a certain task. Within both physiological characteristics and behavioral characteristics are seven different parameters to be judged upon. These parameters include the following: - Universality - how the characteristic exists among each person - Uniqueness - how the characteristic separates one person from another - Permanence – a measure of how well a biometric resists aging - Collectability – how well the characteristic can be obtained and measured - Performance – how efficient it used within technology - Acceptability – the reliability of the use within technology - Circumvention – how easily the characteristic is substituted There are many biometric traits that are able to be used. But for the most part, there are eight main traits that fall within these two categories of biometrics. Five of these traits fall within the physiological category and three traits fall into the behavioral category. Each of these eight traits can be judged within all seven parameters of biometrics. The first trait among the physiological characteristics is the human face. The face has a high level of universality, collectability, and acceptability. “The face was the focus point of Alphonse Bertillon, who created his namesake in an attempt to catch repeat offenders who would come into the police department under a different name each time. Bertillonage was capable of identifying

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