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Biometrics March 23, 2009 Introduction Biometrics will emerge as the dominant form of identification and access control in the United States. This paper reports on biometrics as a new field, which is used for identification of human characteristics (i.e. retinal scans, fingerprints) for the purpose of authenticating that individual. This potentially can be used wherever identification is required for security or other reasons for access control. Currently, there are other numerous forms of access control – identity cards, passwords, magnetic strips, codes etc. that are being used. Biometrics is new form of access control which is expensive, requires sophisticated technological infrastructure and creation of a large database. There may also be political and social resistance to its application. However, with growing security concerns in a post 9-11 world and increasing value information, biometrics may become the most secure means for accessing information and is likely to progressively replace other forms of identification, especially in sensitive applications. Over time, its use will increase, which, in turn, will reduce costs. Description of the technology Biometrics generally operates using the technique of enrolment and comparison. Prior to any authentication/verification attempts, a user is "enrolled" by creating a reference profile (or template) based on the desired physical attribute. The resulting template is associated with the identity of the user and stored for later use. When attempting to authenticate/verify, the user's physical attribute is then measured and compared with the previously stored reference profile. The result of the comparison is then used to either accept or reject the user or verify his identity. There are two types of biometrics i.e. Physiological and Behavioral. Behavioral biometrics is generally used for

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