Biometric Essay

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Biometrics is the technology of measuring physical characteristics of a person to verify their identity. In other words, Biometrics is an automated system that is put in place to identify an individual by measuring their physical or behavioral patterns, and matching it to those in their system. The main purpose of Biometric technology is to provide more secure alternative to the traditional access control systems used to protect company’s assets. Instead of traditional way of requiring ID cards, magnetic cards, keys or passwords, biometrics identifies fingerprints, palm prints, face, iris, hand, signature, DNA, or retinas of an individual for easy and convenient verification. Biometric systems are proven to be an excellent convenience for the users and also provide a very high level of security (2008). There are various types of Biometrics technology available today. Some of the most common Biometrics devices are fingerprints, face recognition, Iris recognition, and hand geometry. Fingerprint biometrics uses finger print of an individual for verification. Even though fingerprint devices are commonly used today, there are many negative public perceptions. When Disney started using fingerprint scanner in 2008, it raised major concern with privacy issues among users. Facial recognition is another popular biometric device that verifies identification of a person by their facial image. This device is typically used in airport terminals, border crossings to identify individuals. This form of biometric is relatively cheaper to implement however, it is often less reliable than hand geometry. Iris biometric devices use the iris of the eye and obtain the iris patterns through a video-based image system. These types of devices have a very less error rate and are highly reliable; however the cost factor to implement iris biometric devices is comparatively lot larger than

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