Biomedical Science Scholarship Essay

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Fidelity Scholarship Essay When I first met seven year old Pheadra, during my voluntary work at Assisi Home and Hospice, she struck me as an angel with her saccharine sweet smile and captivating brown eyes. However, she was a very frail-looking child with pale skin as she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. I took to her immediately and did my best in taking care of her needs. I fed her, taught her favourite subject, Mathematics, sang nursery rhymes and even danced for her. Pheadra had many strange complications, there were periods when she could not walk, her face swell up due to the massive doses of morphine, and her moods swung drastically leading to near hysteria. There was also a time when she suffered from intense pain in her ears and jaw due to high dosage of morphine. All I could do was to apply an ice pack to ease the pain and redness. Although there was a strange comfort in the fact that I was doing something to keep her happy, I could not help but feel useless as my role had its limits. Although science has spawned much medical advancements to date, I knew I was inhibited by the lack of medical knowledge and expertise itself. As I watched Pheadra struggle through every chemotherapy session, I resolved to equip myself with knowledge to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases to aid the millions of people around the world who suffer relentlessly from these diseases or disorders. Thus, I’ve decided to pursue Biomedical Science as my first undergraduate degree in the University of Western Australia. Growing up, I had always thought of myself as a humanities person but as clichéd as it sounds my interaction with patients suffering from debilitating and terminal diseases at the Communicable Disease Centre and St. Luke’s Hospital, I’ve found myself more drawn towards the sciences, especially biomedical sciences. Part of the reason for this shift

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