Biology Unit 5 Essay Importance of Shapes

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BIO 5 June 12 essay 10a The importance of shapes fitting together in cells and organisms Plan- • Enzymes - lock and key model, induced fit, specific complementary shapes, digestion of lactose, restriction enzyme in DNA • RuBP binding with CO2 in light dependent reaction of photosynthesis • Muscles - contraction, sliding filament theory • Blood and oxygen - inhibitors blood glucose receptors on cell surface membrane Essay- There are numerous examples of of the importance of shapes fitting together in cells and organisms. For example ; within enzymes, DNA, photosynthesis, muscle contraction, and receptors. Enzymes are used in every aspect of biology to catalysts a reaction. As they bind to substrate molecules which have a specific complementary shape to the enzyme, to form enzyme-substrate complexes and finally the enzyme and the product. There are many models of enzymes, such as the lock and key model, which explores the structure of the enzyme and its ability to bind with a substrate molecule which is specific and complementary. There is also the induced fit model which explored the ability of enzyme molecules to change shape slightly enabling it to fit and bind to substrate molecules which must be complementary and specific. The importance of enzyme and substrate molecules to fit together, is the formation of the products which may enable many vital reactions to occur within cells and organisms. Enzymes are in important in digestion and the replication of DNA. Within digestion lactose within milk is broken down by the enzyme lactase, without lactose having a complimentary specific shape to it lactase enzyme, some people are lactose intolerant. Thus it's very important that the enzyme lactase is able to fit with lactose. Shapes must also fit together within plants, in order for the plan to photosynthesis and survive competition and limiting factors.
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