Biology Unit 2 Gcse Specification

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BIOLOGY BIOLOGY Autumn | Topic | Further detail about the topic | Skills | 1 | Cells and simple cell transport | A Consideration of cell structure in plants, animals, bacteria and yeast. Cell specialisation. The movement of substances in and out of cells by diffusion. Factors affecting diffusion rate. | Application of skills knowledge & understanding: Candidates should be able to:a) apply concepts, develop arguments or draw conclusions related to familiar or unfamiliar situations.b) plan a scientific task, such as a practical procedure, testing an idea, answering a question, or solving a problem.c) show understanding of how decisions about science and technology are made in different situations, including contemporary situations and those raising ethical issues.d) evaluate the impact of scientific developments or processes on individuals, communities or the environmentPractical enquiry and data handling skills:a) Carry out practical tests safely and skilfully.b) evaluate the methods they use when collecting first-hand and secondary data.c)analyse and interpret qualitative and quantitative data from different sources.d)consider the validity and reliability of data in presenting and justifying conclusions. | 2 | Tissues, organs and organ systems | A collection of different plant and animal tissues and organs are studied along with organ systems and their role in the organism. | | 3 | Photosynthesis | Biochemistry of Photosynthesis, factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis and limiting factors in a commercial setting. Use of nitrates. | | 4 | Organisms and their environment | Distribution of organisms due to the environment. Collection of ecological data using sampling techniques | | 5 | Proteins – their functions and uses | Structure of proteins and their uses in the body. A consideration of enzyme structure, factors affecting enzyme

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