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Evolution Biography Assignment Personal and Career Details- Theodosius Grygorovych Dobzhansky (originally named Feodosy) was born on January 25, 1990 in Nemirov, Ukraine. He was an only child to parents Sophia Voinarsky and Grigory Dobzhansky (a mathematics teacher). Dobzhansky was a religious man, a Russian Orthodox Christian, although he rejected beliefs such as the existence of a personal God. In 1910, at the age of 10, his family moved to Kiev, Ukraine where they fought through hunger because of WW1 and the Bolshevik revolution. During high school, Dobzhansky collected butterflies and ladybird beetles. In 1917, Dobzhansky went to the University of Kiev and graduated in biology in 1921. He was hired as a teacher of zoology by the Polytechnic Institution of Kiev and worked there until 1924, when he moved to Leningrad, Russia to study fruit flies and genetic mutation. On August 8, 1924, Dobzhansky married Natasha Sivertzev, a geneticist in Kiev. Her studies led Dobzhansky to take interest in the theory of evolution. They had one child named Sophie. Natasha died in 1969 from coronary thrombosis. In 1927, Dobzhansky obtained a fellowship from the Rockefeller Foundation and arrived in New York in order to work with Thomas Hunt Morgan at Columbia University. Thomas Hunt Morgan established a “fly room” where he and Dobzhansky conducted genetic research on fruit flies to understand mutation. In 1930, he moved to California with Morgan and related changes seen in their fruit flies to the theory of evolution and natural selection. In 1937, Dobzhansky became a citizen of the United States. Dobzhansky returned to New York in 1940 as professor of zoology at Columbia University, where he remained until 1962, when he became professor at the Rockefeller Institute. In 1971, Dobzhansky retired but he moved to the Department of Genetics at the University of

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