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Biology Article SCI 101 By Brandi Hays Organism inhabits almost every place on Earth. Even the most extreme locations contain life. Tiny organisms inhabit the Antarctic ice, giant worms live near hot vents on the ocean floor, and some organisms even live inside other organisms. Organisms interact with earth other and with the environment. A meat eater will eat a grass eater, who feeds on plants, then the meat eater will die and return minerals to the soil, to make more plants for the grass eater to feed on, which is then eaten by another meat eater. As well nonliving things also play a large part in the survival of organisms including sunlight, atmospheric gases, water and minerals. How biology does affects five areas of life: food, clothing, shelter, health, and fuel? Food: We cannot survive more than 3 months without food. And all foods come from living things, or indirectly from the products of organisms. Biology studies farming, pest control, livestock management, nutrition, food processing, and food preservation to improve the quality and quantity of food. Clothing: Clothing's main purpose in our lives is protection from the environment. Most clothing is made from biological products, Wool, silk, and leather come from animal products. Cotton and linen are common plant materials used for clothing. Shelter: Shelter protects organisms from the changing conditions of the environment. In our country housing, most of the time, is made from wood. Forests provide wood for houses, and as well provide shelter for other creatures. Careful forest management must ensure that the need for wood is met without excessive loss of other animals' homes. . Health: The discovery and production of medicines have changed many diseases from fatal illnesses into minor inconveniences. Biology in health goes beyond the treatment of illnesses. Healthful community

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