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Amar Patel 9/26/08 Bubbleology 1. In this experiment we had to explore the cleaning power of many different kinds of soaps. There were Sunlight, Palmolive, Joy, and Dawn. These are the four different sops that I made experiment on. Procedures: First measure 2mL of one of the brands of soap and shift it to a 300mL - 250mL First measure 2mL of one of the brands of soaps and shift it to a 300ml – 250mL beaker and then calculate 100mL of water using a graduated cylinder and put it into the beaker containing the soap. Then use one straw and mix the solution gently. Measure approximately 10mL of the soap solution and put it on the lab table. Spread the solution with your palm of hand on lab table. Cover the same end of the straw with the soap solution in your beaker and touch the surface of the soap solution film on lab table. Hold the straw at a 45 degree angle and gently blow a bubble dome, continue until it pops. After it pops, measure the diameter with a ruler of the ring of soap suds left by the popped bubble dome. Do this procedure with all different soaps and measure the diameter and record them into the observation Section. Blow and measure at least 5 bubbles for each soap brand. Place each diameter length and the average of all 5 trials in the data table. Next, graph the results of the average dome size for each brand of soap in the results section. This experiment takes 2 hours or more than 2 hours. In the graph it shows how the each of the soaps has cleaning power and which one is has more cost effectiveness ratio. 2. In this experiment the independent variable is a four different kind of soaps and the dependent variable is the diameter of bubbles. 3. I think Dawn is the best cleaner, because as in the graph shows this soap has most cleaning power. 4. Sunlight is the most cost effective soap, because sunlight has highest bar in a

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