Biology organ transplantation Essay

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My My friend’s mother is suffering from Kidney failure! She said that the dialysis treatment is not curing her mother so they decided to do an ORGAN TRANSPLANTATION. What is an organ transplantation? Doctors say that transplantations are being done for all the organs present in the human body and people say that sick people regain their lives back. BUT GUESS WHAT!! I have also seen certain incidences where patients have died within a few years after doing this particular treatment...Why does this happen?? I bet Biology has the answer to this question as the term ‘Organ’ is present in the topic. Organ transplantation is the movement of the whole or partial organ from one body to another, or from a donor site on the patient’s own body, for the purpose of replacing the recipient’s damaged or failing organ with a working one from the donor site. The Organ donors can be living where the donor remains alive and donates a renewable tissue, cell, or fluid (e.g. blood, skin); or donates an organ or part of an organ in which the remaining organ can regenerate or take on the workload of the rest of the organ (primarily single kidney donation, partial donation of liver, small bowel, or pancreas) or deceased (cadaveric), who are donors who have been declared brain-dead and whose organs are kept viable by ventilators or other mechanical mechanisms until they can be excised for transplantation. Due to the fast advancement in technology and possibilities regarding transplantation that involves the invention of Immunosuppressive drugs or strong anti-rejection drugs to prevent the body from rejecting the foreign bodies (the organs or tissues) antigens and the ability to transplant tissues, several types of organs and tissues are transplanted. And this is possible due to the fact of different types of transplants done. Therefore here is list of the

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